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Beading pattern: How to make one?


Every form of art requires a so called pattern. In the craft of beading for instance, a beading pattern is essential in making your own beaded jewelry. It will serve as the template for you to put the right beads into place, the right color, the right size, and the right shape according to your goal.

There are various methods in creating your own patterns. You could utilize the old fashioned way. You could go grab a piece of paper, get your coloring materials, a ruler and a pen. Especially when you’re doing some geometric patterns, you would require creating grid lines and coloring each little box with the right color for your design. But that method would be very time consuming. Once you put the wrong color, you cannot easily undo or erase it.

Good thing technology has already given you a simpler way of doing so. You have two options, you could go hit the search engines and look for the right pattern you would like. There are free patterns all over the internet so that would be no problem at all. Unless you’d like to pay for the premium bead patterns. Or, you could create your own. How? You could use a bead program  of course. What does it do? Simple. It is a software that allows you to create your own bead patterns just by clicking. You could choose the right color and put them in the right place. You could easily undo in case you misplaced the bead. You could also convert easily some images automatically into a beading pattern. There are a lot of beading pattern softwares available also. Some are free, but for some premium ones, of course you’ll pay a little. But there are also free trials available so no worries about that part.

Once you have your pattern , print it, get your materials and start beading right away.

Happy beading fellow beaders. Reference


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